Tuesday, June 10, 2008

when and if it is ever the time for anyone to do one thing or the other they will do just that - no need to explain to anyone and as far as art or business is concerned - I have watched so many people create their art or operate their business in so many various ways that I know better than to say that anyone has to do anything in a specific way - I know for sure that there are people who are able to create their art or run their businesses without ever taking so much as a peek on the Internet - how or why a person does one thing or the other really comes down to their own personal taste just as anything else -

Monday, June 02, 2008

A long time ago -

my father said to me -

look to meet the right people

and then there was a big (?) in my mind

since I was not sure exactly who any of those right people might be

until I saw that there was no wrong in any individual


until I decided that every single individual

is the right person - in one way or other at one time or other for something of what I can provide to them in some way or other -

would you like to be excluded from that list of the entire population of society and be labeled "disqualified" ?

I think not!

So it is my belief that if I treat every individual as I would like to be treated perhaps as a special and important and valued customer - then they will act as they are just that and keep on coming back for whatever it is that they need - no matter what that is!

How would you feel -

if you were


or considered a lead

or any other such means or method of targeting

or labeling

that is so often done

under the heading of

effective marketing

which turns out to be so ineffective -

if you really believe in the fact that business are made up of people either teamed up in some organized manner or one individual serving another - then you may just see just how futile it would be to continue on the road of helping or serving your neighbor and at the same time addressing them as a lead or a potential customer or any other such contrived label -

instead it just might be best to go about the day helping or serving others in whatever way that you can and that will do just fine if you help as many people as possible and never give it any thought what title or label they have written across their faces when it comes to all of these fancy words -

wouldn't that make the whole world feel like a much more friendly and helpful and down right easier place to live and work and play and do just about anything from now on?