Tuesday, June 08, 2004

After much thought - experimentation - trial and error and some successes - shifting of views and rehashing over and over the various secrets - proposals and clues - thoughts and pontification by so many people on the art - skill - business of - management of and results of selling - it is my own personal conclusion (and this holds only true as it is my own personal conclusion) that there is no way to make anyone or encourage or cajol or even persuade someone to buy something if they are not already interested in buying it - all of this is futile effort -


there is absolutely no way that if someone wants to buy something - you can discourage - stop or hinder them from the process of actually buying what in their heart and mind they have set out to buy -

so I believe with all seriousness and conviction - that the only and best way for me to facilitate the process of a customer or client purchasing either service or image from me is to merely present what is available and to allow them the space to buy what it is they are interested in or want to buy -


from a more humorous point of view -

I have heard it said that --------

if you give a person enough rope - they will eventually hang themselves:-)