Sunday, August 28, 2005

Do you know one of the most powerful words in any language?

-it stops people from communicating

-it makes it harder to get a person the medical attention that they may need fast enough to save their lives

-it can hinder the progress of the entire human race if the answer to a particular research project does not get the funding that is needed to make the next quantum leap in whatever breakthroughs that are being worked on

-it is make up of only two letters in the English language

-it is often used as a reply to a question as to whether a person is ready to buy a product or service at a particular time and stops the necessary acquisition altogether simply because it is utilized at an improper time when the meaning of what was really trying to be said was "not yet"

-this word might better be used more cautiously and less frequently than it is so often flung out at others in the world -

-please think about the effects on everything that you are about to do before you utilize that simplest of words


-it is really the opposite of the word ON

Monday, August 22, 2005

And so here is the thing -

If I make my product so perfect in every way compared to any other before it and prove it so by having the customer partake in it's creation, and, if I make this product so inexepensive (perhaps I will explore the meaning(s) of this word later on sometime) that it seems as if the customer is paying nowhere near what this product is really worth, then I have made something that the customer is not only so proud to own but is also so happy to pay for that he or she will almost want to pay more than what I have asked as a fair price for what we both have created.

I do not know of many individuals or many companies producing their product or service in such a way as this. but those that have, that do, or that will, will have no problem when it comes to securing constant and abundant business for themselves.

Mother nature, for example is one of these producers, when you think about those fruits on the trees, or the vegetables in the gardens or those livestock that feed so many human beings. And of course her price is so unbearably low.