Saturday, December 20, 2008

Stay In Business Long Enough to Benefit from the Advertising Money Spent!

Well it looks like I have not thought about the speed of business for quite a long while and then I received a call the other day from a lady who received my business card 16 years ago - in Brooklyn and now she is living in New Jersey and wants to come for a portrait soon -

The only thing that I can say about this type of call is that the lesson is that I have to stay in business long enough to benefit from the advertising that I have done - ………………………………………………. 2-24-2013D by Walter Paul Bebirian
2-24-2013D by Walter Paul Bebirian

Monday, July 14, 2008

Think Creatively and with the knowledge that there is no limit to the amount that you are able to earn except the limit which you yourself place on your own thinking -

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

when and if it is ever the time for anyone to do one thing or the other they will do just that - no need to explain to anyone and as far as art or business is concerned - I have watched so many people create their art or operate their business in so many various ways that I know better than to say that anyone has to do anything in a specific way - I know for sure that there are people who are able to create their art or run their businesses without ever taking so much as a peek on the Internet - how or why a person does one thing or the other really comes down to their own personal taste just as anything else -

Monday, June 02, 2008

A long time ago -

my father said to me -

look to meet the right people

and then there was a big (?) in my mind

since I was not sure exactly who any of those right people might be

until I saw that there was no wrong in any individual


until I decided that every single individual

is the right person - in one way or other at one time or other for something of what I can provide to them in some way or other -

would you like to be excluded from that list of the entire population of society and be labeled "disqualified" ?

I think not!

So it is my belief that if I treat every individual as I would like to be treated perhaps as a special and important and valued customer - then they will act as they are just that and keep on coming back for whatever it is that they need - no matter what that is!

How would you feel -

if you were


or considered a lead

or any other such means or method of targeting

or labeling

that is so often done

under the heading of

effective marketing

which turns out to be so ineffective -

if you really believe in the fact that business are made up of people either teamed up in some organized manner or one individual serving another - then you may just see just how futile it would be to continue on the road of helping or serving your neighbor and at the same time addressing them as a lead or a potential customer or any other such contrived label -

instead it just might be best to go about the day helping or serving others in whatever way that you can and that will do just fine if you help as many people as possible and never give it any thought what title or label they have written across their faces when it comes to all of these fancy words -

wouldn't that make the whole world feel like a much more friendly and helpful and down right easier place to live and work and play and do just about anything from now on?

Thursday, May 29, 2008

I think that it has always been most important what people feel about their experience when they are dealing with me for whatever it is that they came to me for in the way of images - either in the case of an assignment or for a piece of art and the fact that I call myself a business to me is really irrelevant in the sense that it is me the person dealing with another person or persons and somehow we mesh and become a team - at that point where things are really humming so to speak it is not one business and another business or a customer and my business but a real team focused on achieving the jointly agreed upon goal - and better -

as far as the word authentic and it's definition:

authentic |ôˈθentik| (abbr.: auth.)
1 of undisputed origin; genuine

I am not sure how what I described above can be anything but authentic and I suppose the question I asked was because the article and even your question asking - What is becoming more important? What you say about yourself (business) or what people say about you (business)?

is in a sense kind of curious as well - since both are and have been important elements to the whole picture as far as I can see - and they are neither of them becoming more or less important because someone has written an article on this topic -

I know for a fact that for years the same concepts and ideas have been presented year after year in magazines in different months rehashing the same subjects - perhaps with a bit of a different slant or a different flavor to the wording - but the subject matter remains basically the same - what is being said is not something new or revolutionary so to speak simply because it is being printed this month in the latest issue of whatever magazine or in this mornings yahoo news or the hottest blog on such and such subject and this is my point - because something is being emphasized or touted or accentuated or blasted at this point in time as the evolving newest order of things does not mean that anything has changed except for lots of people their knowledge of what is really very basic is finally really coming of age -

this is my take on things and that the networks mechanics spreads the news of ideas or technological breakthroughs a great deal faster than a magazine that comes out off - line and may take a bit longer and is more expensive for the readers to gain the knowledge or to have some ideas sink in this just allows for some knowledge *(perhaps) to spread a bit faster - but knowledge and common sense and good ideas and smart ideas are still that whether they are printed in an article in a newspaper or magazine or are written on the latest blog - these are simply different means of delivery and in one case over the other the means of delivery may be less expensive and faster - but they customer - provider relationship still has to take time to develop and that very often in many cases can only be done one on one individually - one step at a time -

therefore - what I say about my business (my philosophy) and the commitment that I have to carrying that out no matter what the environment that I am functioning in is like - and what the person or person's who are interested in satisfying their needs by coming to me for the fulfillment of those needs experiences are both as important and the spark must happen somewhere between the two concepts not on only one or the other side -

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

After one year and three months of working diligently with the Imagekind System and Team, Walter Paul Bebirian (that's me) has, after giving careful consideration to and establishing for himself that the Imagekind System is now both secure and suitable enough, has decided to and gone ahead with establishing the first ever Gallery containing "The Money Series 1" images.

This step is made in part by Walter Paul Bebirian in order to express both confidence in the Imagekind System's superior advantages over any other imitations and attempts at presenting art in a totally unique way that is or might attempt to do the same on the Internet, and as a show of support for the great efforts and strides that the Imagekind Team as well as it's Executives have made throughout the year in upholding to and carrying out above and beyond evey one of the promises that they have made towards upgrading and adding to the Imagekind Main Site as well as the growth that the entire organization has maintained by bringing in new and varrying groups of partners as well.

Towards their continued success in this endeavor, it is hoped that this event will put the finishing touches on their well deserved accolades! - well done Imagekind!

The Installation of this series on the Imagekind System was officially completed at 5:30AM on Sunday of March 30, 2008, and will be on continuous display in the BebirianGallery_THE_MONEY_SERIES_1 - on the Imagekind System, accessible through the url from this day forward.

Visitors from all parts of the world are welcome to view these images 24 hours per day 365 days per year and to leave any comments that they may feel appropriate to enhance the importance of this exhibit - while taking part in their own way in this historic event!

Purchase inquiries of any prints of the images in this Series in this particular gallery must be directed to the staff and Imagkind reachable by phone at 1 - 888 - 264 - 1446 while art/greeting cards may be purchased directly through the Imagekind check-out system.

Any additional inquiries may be directed to the artist through the mail system provided at Imagekind for visitors to communicated with the artist directly.

We hope you enjoy your visit!

thank you!


All images in the referred to Gallery: Copyright: Walter Paul Bebirian

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

It appears from a certain perspective that business may actually have a different shape or form than has every been realized - it may in actuality never begin and never end - consider the air we breathe - it is free now but in time may be charged for - like the water that we drink - we are getting a taste of how delicious or how much the pure stuff is really worth and then some folks will come along and figure out how to bottle all different brands and versions of it - So if there is something that seems to be free at this moment - think of it as not always staying at the free level - but think of this as the sample stage which at a later date will be charged for perhaps in small amount in the beginning and will get much grander and bolder in it's steps up for larger profit percentages as time goes on and more features are added.