Friday, December 10, 2004

The easist step on the planet is to reduce a price in order to make the customer feel as if he is getting the greatest bargain in the world - when what is anything worth in the first place - Of course people will say that it took them so long to develop a product or service or the labor costs so much or the materials - but given time all prices get lowered and lowered and lowered as well as demand drops and drops such that everything goes towards the free - except fresh clean water and next breatheable air - that supply and demand equation seems to be going in the opposite direction especially since it is unlike real estate since although land is limited - it's use can be extended by building upwards instead of only out while water's and air's use cannot be streched in that fashion!

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Do it your own way

After all of the how to books - the questions of famous - skilled and maybe knowledgeable people - I believe the best thing for anyone to do is to pursue doing things their own way -

I remember not too long ago when there were no "how to" books - and then they started showing up - I believed then - and still do now - that working out things for yourself and learning by doing - or doing things your own way - will always work out for the individual and the society as a whole -


Thursday, September 02, 2004

Business - So many people are looking to learn it - to improve upon it - to grow it and maximize it - me - I live - eat - sleep and breathe business - it flows through my vains - I see it and it's opportunities everywhere and I only want to make sure I don't miss out on what is - here - there and everywhere that I look - it is so exciting and makes every moment so vibrant and exhilerating - It is so much faster than thought since it is always here - it never has to travel anywhere -


Saturday, August 28, 2004

To create business faster than the speed of light - show a person an image that they have to have.

Monday, July 19, 2004

Very often (but granted - not always) the only thing holding back a sale (or someone buying a product or service) is the small but important effort that is necessary for a customer to be shown (and to feel) that the seller is willing to consider his or her particular situation different and unique from everyone else's in the world and for the seller to look carefully at the person(s) in front of him or her and to perceive them as a person or perons that will honestly be able to benefit by purchasing the product or service that the seller has to offer - if this is the case - then the seller will be of the feeling that a careful and concise explanation simply of what is being offerred - will (if the customer is definitely interested and alert to what is being presented) be sufficient to make clear just how this is so - any more effort than that would only be an interference in a perfectly natural process of presentation (on the part of the seller) and discovery (on the part of the potential customer/buyer) -

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

After much thought - experimentation - trial and error and some successes - shifting of views and rehashing over and over the various secrets - proposals and clues - thoughts and pontification by so many people on the art - skill - business of - management of and results of selling - it is my own personal conclusion (and this holds only true as it is my own personal conclusion) that there is no way to make anyone or encourage or cajol or even persuade someone to buy something if they are not already interested in buying it - all of this is futile effort -


there is absolutely no way that if someone wants to buy something - you can discourage - stop or hinder them from the process of actually buying what in their heart and mind they have set out to buy -

so I believe with all seriousness and conviction - that the only and best way for me to facilitate the process of a customer or client purchasing either service or image from me is to merely present what is available and to allow them the space to buy what it is they are interested in or want to buy -


from a more humorous point of view -

I have heard it said that --------

if you give a person enough rope - they will eventually hang themselves:-)


Friday, May 14, 2004

How can we make every moment an exponential moment instead of a linear moment?

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Today - The Dow - advanced like a rabbit then retreated like a turtle -

If - when this retreat happens - I could run to the pizza shop and get an old slice for 15 cents like the old days together with let's say a grape or lemon drink (that was sold for 10 cents back then) then I would definitely agree that everything is connected -
but there seems always to be a definite disconnect somewhere along the line when things are going in one direction as opposed the other -

The only seemingly cost that has really gone down for me is film and processing - but as one customer pointed out the other day - then there is the cost of the computer - the screen - the connections and all else - which may change the perspective and make paying for film and processing as you go along seem a lot easier -

Thursday, May 06, 2004

It has been said by many artists and business people in general that business is hard slow - non existent etc. - on the contrary business is easy - fast and growing all the time - depending on how creative - patient and perceptive as well as how flexible and tolerant you are!
In no way is the amount of business you do with anyone limited - It is just a matter of perception and time until the next step in the ongoing relationship is ready to be taken!

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

When you are thirsty and you want a bottle of water - your perception of that water and it's "value" to you is such that you will pay whatever price is asked depending on how much you want that water - where you are and the current (and maybe future) weather - your perceived knowledge of the water supply chain available and other factors which effects your perception of your chances of getting that water in a reasonable amount of time to maintain your comfort level - which in turn changes with many different factors and over time - all of this perception and the business man along with his supply chain and advertsers have to then be there when you are ready willing and able to pay their desired price for the water -

how do all of these factors relate to the stock market if at all - an investment in a company by buying it's shares of stock (a future change in price - a guess in the health of a business climate in the future and a total gamble on the stabilty of world politics effecting the perceptions of fellow stockholders - the trading investors as a whole and various other players and speculators in the markets) - or is it a totally different set of rules when this type of perception comes into play -

more later!
How to show concern for a customer's needs!

Respond to the comments made or questions asked!

Every moment and exchange is an opportunity to continue an on-going relationship or to end it right there!

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Although persistence has been touted by many as the key to a successful outcome - variations or minor changes to your approach or perspective when making the additional persistent attempts is very often necessary in order to achieve the desired outcome or even better - drilling in a hole where there is no oil at all or digging where there never was or never will be gold or diamonds will never produce diamonds or gold or oil in those locations - but a slight move to a different location can mean all the difference in the world -

Thursday, January 01, 2004

A most effective means of securing a significant increase in business is the idea of:
ask what that means if you are interested -