Sunday, July 15, 2007

My own thinking has been transformed recently - I mentioned it here earlier that I was thinking pretty deeply about the brain recently and how it is a super computer but that we supposedly only utilize about 5-10% of it most of the time - so I thought that we might need a new software like a desktop of laptop needs a new software or operating system to make it work more efficiently - so I was thinking that I would need to erase all of the software that I had in my computer (my brain) and then figure out how to write or create and upload a new operating system for my brain -

Then I also had the thought that there must be a reason that we each and everyone of us were given such a high powered super computer and also that it did not make sense that we were given this super computer without the proper operating system?

So I said to myself stop - and then I realized that something else might be happening - and that most probably is that my assumptions were wrong - that we do have an up to date and highly efficient operating system but tha this operating system and the computer cannot function as they are supposed to if:

1. We are continuously adding so much information to the mix

2. We have too many auxiliary funtions for the brain to operate

3. There is a lotof incorrect directions and solutions that are being fed into the in box -

4. We attempt at jumping ahead of the computer with an answer while it is still working

5. We don't listem to the computer even when the answer is coming forth

And so my dream to solve the issue of utilizing more of the brain may be worked on my me by allowing the brain to function properly by not tryng to comming up with the answers to so many things but ----- and this is important ---- to let the tool (the brain) do the work - instead of me!!!!
The fact that we may need at least 8 glasses of water per day does not mean that we must drink the whole 8 glasses in one sitting by gulping it all at once - in fact this may cause a person to drown themselves - Instead sips of water along the way is preferrable and will surely prevent any unnecessary drowning!