Friday, February 16, 2007

So let's say that there is a genius quality in each individual person in the entire world (that is somewhere in the vicinity of 6.5 billions brains give or take a few) - great - it is our challenge to not only discover what that genius (different in each individual person) is but to enhance the person's ability to utilize that genius - let's take the fact that the brain is the center of this genius ability and that the brain extends out to the entire body of the person (through the nerves etc.) but as has been stated time and time again the capacity of any person's brain is much more than any one individual is utilizing -

So here is one way of looking at it -

If you went to the bank and because of a printout or screen that indicated that you had $100.00 in your account and then someone let's say a bank officer came and told you that you had $1,000,000.00 in your account and you simply had to figure out how to access this and that is all that he told you - might you not want to search for a way to access that money which is a much greater amount than you were told by the printout and screen display - ?

the same exact situation is constantly told to us humans - that we have this most powerful supercomputer in the world - more powerful than any computer built by man and that our current use of it perhaps reaches 5% - is there no interest by any individual or group of individuals to access (just like the money account where we were told that there is much more money available to us that we see on a printout) the rest of the power and abilities and the resulting efforts capable of this supercomputer (some 95% worth)?

And even before we figure out how to access this power or ability that is there -does anyone not wonder with the least bit of curiosity how we came to posses such a tool - it does not seem at all that it (the brain) developed this capability because of continuously needing to adapt to situations in which it was called upon to grow in the least bit - for then perhaps we might be dealing with a computer that is almost worked to capacity - no this computer is no where near being used for what it was built to do or in any way shape or form -how it was designed to function - In fact I would venture to say (as I have been thinking about quite deeply) that there remains a great need for the proper sofware to be introduced after the software that we have in the brain is removed - since what we have been doing as a species is merely upgrading a mere hodgepodge of a bit of software that has somehow evolved within this supercomputer on it's own without any specific or real thought as to how in any way shape or form this computer would be utilized more effectively to utilize a greater part of it's potential.