Monday, July 19, 2004

Very often (but granted - not always) the only thing holding back a sale (or someone buying a product or service) is the small but important effort that is necessary for a customer to be shown (and to feel) that the seller is willing to consider his or her particular situation different and unique from everyone else's in the world and for the seller to look carefully at the person(s) in front of him or her and to perceive them as a person or perons that will honestly be able to benefit by purchasing the product or service that the seller has to offer - if this is the case - then the seller will be of the feeling that a careful and concise explanation simply of what is being offerred - will (if the customer is definitely interested and alert to what is being presented) be sufficient to make clear just how this is so - any more effort than that would only be an interference in a perfectly natural process of presentation (on the part of the seller) and discovery (on the part of the potential customer/buyer) -