Sunday, December 03, 2006

I am not looking to increase sales!

No, I am not looking to increase my sales -

I am simply looking to help as many people get, achieve, accomplish and realize as many of the things that they would like to -

These are totally different and contradictory goals -

One is focused on my goals , my interests and my business - and the other is focused stictly on what it is that I and my business skills, tools, knowledge and ideas can do for other people whether they are individuals working on their own personal projects or individuals working alone in their own small businesses or if they are individuals working together with others in large corporations - or non-profit organizations or individuals working together towards goals of countries as well -

The faster a potential customer realizes that I am here looking to do whatever I can in their best interest - then the faster they will see the value which I am willing to create together with them in such as way by working together with them - the faster our business relationship will begin -

perhaps instantaneously - with that realization - or vision -

Friday, July 07, 2006

The question today is whether or not it is advisable to go ahead and begin before a project is completely ready or not - On one hand there is a line of thinking that suggest to dive right in and begin - to get something started without what might be considered procrastination and on the other hand dealing with projects like this or in this manner may get things started and well on their way but it also leaves an entire system whether it is an electrical grid subject to major failures causing mass brown -outs or the many networked computers that are sometimes infected with viruses and worms such that they begin to no longer function properly - There definitely are some factors to weigh here in the future before the same tact is taken in the future which sends a project out in to the world without at least a little more careful analysis to determine the consequences of the actions that will be taken and to perhaps foresee a little bit farther into the future -

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

It seems to be more and more obvious that various opportunitites to conduct business arise from our abilities to see or visual various business transactions and one way of seeing or visualizing these various business transactions is to slow down - and thus aparadox is set up whereby slowing down helps a business person and business accomplish more rather than attempting to go faster with the idea of getting more done -

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Vision - An Opportunity -

Do we have the power to really change the world like Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie or John D. Rockefeller and our very own Bill Gate’s.

Can we create an enormous number of products, services and living quarters such that they all qualify as higher quality than has ever so far been seen, are available for a lower price than any of these have previously been available and at the same time while paying the working artisans of the entire world more than they have ever been paid for doing such work while also creating a system whereby they not only receive their salaries but residual income for the rest of their lives -

Who on this planet is up to this worthwhile goal Globally?

thank you!


Sunday, January 15, 2006

We are now in the Infinite Generation - There are no limits to the number of combinations of contacts, opportunities and variations of ways to conduct business - just as there is no limitation now to the ways in which any image no matter what that image is originally may be altered over time -

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Domain -

any area of territory owned or controlled by a ruler or government -

*Please note - if there is anyone who is unhappy with my current thoughts and ideas which I place within my own domain - let them please remember that they are free to go elsewhere instead of attempting to have me change what is my right to place anywhere in my domain where and how I so desire!

It is here evident that it is extremely easy to remove any hinderances to a person or organization conducting a significant amount of business on a continuous basis simply by reminding the hindering individual or group exactly where they stand in reference to the proprietor's rules and boundaries -

Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Answer!
Walter Paul Bebirian
Good morning my Friend Frank -

Today is Armenian (little) Christmas and I have just
woke up with the answer of all answers -

I have been thinking for the past few days after I
sent you a recommendation to read this little book
about the one that always beats the market and I have
just come up with the answer to a question that has
been puzzling me probably unconsciously for my entire
life -

Well in the book it describes the Magical Formula to
achieve the ability to beat the market all of the time
and how it does this (now hold on this does pertain to
you and me) is by finding companies with a certain
formula that maximizes the return on equity invested
and that can be purchased for the lowest price(the
ones that have the lowest P/E) - and I have been very
diligently attempting to figure out how an individual
can do this type of investing (before investing
anything else) on his or her own self - and I have
come up with the answer based on a directive from my
father who recently told me to build my own company
like Bill Gates - now he did not mean for me to build
a Microsoft or any company that had anything to do
with what Microsoft does - but I am positive he meant
for me to create a giant of a company doing what I
love and to build that company by having other people
working with me doing what they love - that is the
answer that I have been looking for all of my life
-Instead of having people work at anything that they
do not like - which would immediately take away from
their time to do what they love and cause them to be
less than most productive and efficient, I will build
a company that allows only for people to do what they
love and for them to do it as much or as little as
they want and then to do something else only if that
is what they want to do!