Friday, July 07, 2006

The question today is whether or not it is advisable to go ahead and begin before a project is completely ready or not - On one hand there is a line of thinking that suggest to dive right in and begin - to get something started without what might be considered procrastination and on the other hand dealing with projects like this or in this manner may get things started and well on their way but it also leaves an entire system whether it is an electrical grid subject to major failures causing mass brown -outs or the many networked computers that are sometimes infected with viruses and worms such that they begin to no longer function properly - There definitely are some factors to weigh here in the future before the same tact is taken in the future which sends a project out in to the world without at least a little more careful analysis to determine the consequences of the actions that will be taken and to perhaps foresee a little bit farther into the future -