Sunday, December 03, 2006

I am not looking to increase sales!

No, I am not looking to increase my sales -

I am simply looking to help as many people get, achieve, accomplish and realize as many of the things that they would like to -

These are totally different and contradictory goals -

One is focused on my goals , my interests and my business - and the other is focused stictly on what it is that I and my business skills, tools, knowledge and ideas can do for other people whether they are individuals working on their own personal projects or individuals working alone in their own small businesses or if they are individuals working together with others in large corporations - or non-profit organizations or individuals working together towards goals of countries as well -

The faster a potential customer realizes that I am here looking to do whatever I can in their best interest - then the faster they will see the value which I am willing to create together with them in such as way by working together with them - the faster our business relationship will begin -

perhaps instantaneously - with that realization - or vision -