Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Want to really have fun in business - Imagine that everyone that you know and meet or even see during your waking hours is a potential customer - and sooner or later this begins to become a "reality" - not just once in a while - but every day along the way in people's lives they will begin to see the way in which they can utilize your services and actually begin to help you in turning themselves into your customers -

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Imagine you are the founders of Proctor and Gamble - 165 years ago - you are making let's say a web site and you have no idea that this entity that you are creating - something that many other companies in your area or that you know of are doing at the same time and you are operating in what looks like pretty much the same way as they are -

Maybe what you have created looks in many ways even inferior to some extent.

Is your main focus on doing something radically different to make yourself stand out and grow tremendously large and become the giant that you will become or are you focused on doing your best for the clients that you have now and allowing your business to grow at a reasonable pace so that you have a reasonable chance of staying in business and passing what you have created onto your next generation -

Great legendary companies do not always seem to be any different than their peers at least when they are in their beginning stages - and sometimes they even look pretty much like failures in many ways -

So how can we say that one company is greater or has any more potential than another ? -