Tuesday, April 27, 2004

When you are thirsty and you want a bottle of water - your perception of that water and it's "value" to you is such that you will pay whatever price is asked depending on how much you want that water - where you are and the current (and maybe future) weather - your perceived knowledge of the water supply chain available and other factors which effects your perception of your chances of getting that water in a reasonable amount of time to maintain your comfort level - which in turn changes with many different factors and over time - all of this perception and the business man along with his supply chain and advertsers have to then be there when you are ready willing and able to pay their desired price for the water -

how do all of these factors relate to the stock market if at all - an investment in a company by buying it's shares of stock (a future change in price - a guess in the health of a business climate in the future and a total gamble on the stabilty of world politics effecting the perceptions of fellow stockholders - the trading investors as a whole and various other players and speculators in the markets) - or is it a totally different set of rules when this type of perception comes into play -

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