Monday, October 20, 2003

Just as my images may be mutated on an infinite basis - a business or combination of businesses may now be mutated infinitely in order to continue serving the infinite growing needs of the humans it had set out to serve in the beginning of it's creation - however to continue mutating infinitely it might help for those running the business to be able to think back to it's beginning and realize all the possible choices that existed when that business was first initiated!

Sunday, October 12, 2003

Does anyone realize just how integrated all the companies both public and private in this world are?

Without an Entenmann's cake or doughnut in the morning or that Dunkin Donut during coffee break and that Pizza Hut special for dinner while the geniuses of the world are working on their next great invention or programming miracle - how far would these projects go - Coke - a great stimulant that allows people to keep going and going and going is definitely responsible for some of the great progress in this world-

Thursday, October 09, 2003

How quickly a business relationship can be saved with a quick response to a question at hand - it doesn't matter whether the answer is an unknown at the moment that the question is posed - the response at least indicates that the person on the other end is sensitive and willing to act to find out the answer to the customer's question - Anything less is unacceptable!

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

If today is the last day of your life - how long will you spend thinking about buying - going - doing any of the things that you have always dreamt about doing?

similarly - if today is the last day of your life - how much of these last few moments would you want to struggle trying to sell someone on buying something that they are just not interested in - or how many of these moments will you be trying to squeeze those last few pennies from their pockets?

Go ahead - buy it - go ahead let them have it - business will be the better for it overall in addition to your not wasting so much time trying to get more of a prophet when the profit will show up in other ways by not doing what you are doing -

Whichever way you look at it - get those clothes - buy the stock - go on the trip - buy that dinner and see that movie - your life will be better for it and that is the purpose of - the value in having - and the benefit of having money - saved - borrowed - earned - or otherwise - Getting something by giving your money - to an employee - a shop keeper - a ticket taker - a stock broker - is what that dollar - yen - or franc is for - you cannot eat it - you cannot wear it (unless there is some new fashion that I have not seen recently) and you certainly cannot in any way shape or form benefit by keeping it under that mattress - unless you have such a lousy mattress that you are using the money for extra padding in which case I am sure you could buy a cheaper substitute!

Friday, October 03, 2003

With all the intelligence and knowledge - skills and tools that are available today to the modern businesses - why is it that it seems that so many of the publicly traded companies run by extremely intelligent people are not doing that well in the business of conducting their businesses and yet many of the private companies are doing a great job of conducting both a profitable business and a well run one at the same time.

Is it that those who are running the businesses that are traded publicly are not able to keep their focus on two diifferent points and directions? And that the workers within these companies that are traded publicly are now sharing their interests and focus both on their jobs where they get their salaries and on their shares in these publicly traded companies where their futures and dreams lie?

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

So much more could be accomplished in this world if people on both sides of the fence got used to not selling but presenting the options available to the customer on one side - and that the customer only needs to buy what he or she wants or needs on the other - this new and improved way of functioning in the business world will prove a whole lot more efficient once the masses come around to functioning this way on the buying side and the salepeople get it that no one will buy from them any longer if they try to force or cajole or trick a person into buying something that they are just not interested in - on the selling side -